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Tesseract - Sonder

REVIEW: TesseracT – Sonder


"Sonder is unquestionably the most mature, most varied and most consistently engaging TesseracT album to date. It is the sound of a band who...
Will Haven - Muerte

Review: Will Haven – Muerte


"However unlikely it may be for bands in general, it does feel like with Muerte, Will Haven have written their career-defining album after twenty...
Coilguns - Millenials album art

Review: Coilguns – Millennials


"In a world where more and more music is written by lone individuals hunched over a laptop, it is particularly refreshing to hear an...
Conjurer - Mire album art

Review: Conjurer – Mire


"As the music industry gradually rouses itself from its January hibernation, with Mire Conjurer have done the equivalent of riding over its alarm clock...
Dead Cross - Dead Cross album art

Review: Dead Cross – Dead Cross


"As swift and effective as a baseball bat to the sternum, Dead Cross may be the product of some supremely experienced hands, but it...
Mutation - III Dark Black album art

Review: Mutation – III: Dark Black


"There's a certain art to the manner in which Mutation are able to marry pop sensibilities with some of the most radio-unfriendly sounds imaginable....
Bad Sign - Live & Learn album art

Review: Bad Sign – Live & Learn


"Anthemic and immersive, Live & Learn doesn't push any boundaries, but the passion and quality that practically drips from the speakers grabs familiar ground...
Harbinger - Human Dust album art

Review: Harbinger – Human Dust


"Harbinger could comfortably venture deeper into almost any of the numerous sub genres they touch upon here. We don't know what direction they will...

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