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Flux Conduct - Yetzer Hara album art

Review: Flux Coduct – Yetzer Hara


"More cohesive, more accessible and more mature than Qatsi, Yetzer Hara establishes the Flux Conduct project as more than just a sideshow curio."
Disperse - Foreword album art

Review: DispersE – Foreword


"...clearly the product of a devastatingly talented collection of musicians all in step with each other and having a tremendous amount of fun in...

Review: Brutai – Born


"Born neatly sets up Brutai as a force to be reckoned with in the thriving UK progressive metal scene, and those who like their...

Review: Dorje – Centred And One


"Centred And One contains five quality songs that practically ooze maturity; that hold one's interest, but remain accessible and easily digestible."
Republic of Wakrat

A day with Wakrat


We spent a day with Tim Commerford's new jazz punk trio Wakrat in and around London, including a feisty performance at The Black Heart...

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OHHMS The Fool 1440
Mastodon - Emperor Of Sand album art
Flux Conduct - Yetzer Hara album art
Mothership - High Strangeness album art
Deathwish - Unleash Hell album art
my silent wake invitation to imperfection
Fange - Pourrissoir album art
Porshyne 2017
Emmure - Look At Yourself album art
Demonic Resurrection - Dashavatar [2017]
Greenhorn Urching split art

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