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Review: Enslaved – In Times


"In Times pushes boundaries and it perhaps takes a couple of extra listens to truly grasp, but that final dropping of the penny is...
Ensiferum One Man Army

Review: Ensiferum – One Man Army


"One Man Army is an album that shows Ensiferum existing as a ghost of their former glory. There are flashes of promise - snapshots...

Review: Percht – Dawnshrine


"Dawnshrine is a fairly solid album that fuses black metal compositional ideas with post rock’s ambient sensibilities...and while is certainly not a new style,...
Haken Restoration

Review: Haken – Restoration


"Haken are absolutely one of the finest prog bands in the world at the moment, and Restoration is simply more proof of that."
Aeon Zen Ephemera



"Ephemera is certainly the best album of Aeon Zen's young career, but it does not feel as if they have painted themselves into a...

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Rise of Avernus Dramatis Personae
Vola - Inmazes album art
The Voynich Code - Ignotum - cover
Polymath - Reptiles album art
Primitive Man - Home Is Where The Hatred Is album art
Napalm Death - Apex Predator-Easy Meat album art
Plini - The End Of Everything artwork
Red Seas Fire - Resolution
Ensiferum One Man Army

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American Sniper
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