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Atragon - I, Necromancer album art

Review: Atragon – I, Necromancer


"I, Necromancer is an excellent drinking partner. Deeply satisfying, Atragon could do with committing to chancing their arm a little more or really sorting...
Thalassa - Bonds of Prosperity album art

Review: Thalassa – Bonds of Prosperity


"Thalassa are the soundtrack to narrowly passing gigantic, terrifying sea creatures. Ponderous, lugubrious and fathomless, the pair supercharge Collins' explorative qualities and give Turner's...
Asira - Efference album art

Review: Asira – Efference


"...there are a lot of fun, interesting ideas on display and Asira's subtle creative decisions have helped to display these tastefully."
Pallbearer heartless album cover

Review: Pallbearer – Heartless


"...if you enjoyed Pallbearer's previous outings then here you'll surely enjoy an accomplished band honing their abilities to become more textured, powerful and emotionally...
deadwound identity shapes logo

Review: Deadwound – Identity Shapes


"A solid offering with promise. Deadwound may not have a markedly fresh sound but within their framework they've crafted some compelling, effectively belligerent material."

Review: Terra – Mors Secunda


"Longtime black metal fans will find this refreshing and familiar; all the beloved hypnotic elements, just enough risk and few of the daft tropes."

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Atragon - I, Necromancer album art

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