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Best Of 2015 Film - Documentaries

The Best Documentaries of 2015


2015 was a great year for movies. It was a year where creative filmmakers continued to thrive and challenge the status quo. It was...
Best Of 2015 Film - Characters

The Best Film Characters of 2015


We continue our run down of 2015 in film with the best characters of the year. WARNING: it goes without saying, but we're saying...
Best Of 2015 Film - Deaths

The Best Film Deaths of 2015


We continue our run down of 2015 in film with the best deaths of the year. WARNING: it goes without saying, but we're...
Best Of 2015 Film - Cameos

The Best Cameos of 2015


We begin our run down of 2015 in film with the best cameos of the year, from the year's biggest films and stars to...
St Vincent image 6

Film Review: St. Vincent


"...while St. Vincent adheres to a tired formula, there are moments of successful poignancy, enhanced by passionate direction, and two resolutely strong central performances...
Taken 3 image 3

Film Review: Taken 3


"Taken 3 is a textbook example of a franchise spinning its wheels, made near unwatchable by an incomprehensible editing style."
Blackhat image 5

Film Review: Blackhat


"When Blackhat kicks into gear, it grabs you by the throat and drags you into the scene...Mann's realism and approach to action sequences create...
Laggies image 3

Film Review: Laggies


"Ultimately, Laggies is a tonal jumble – a confused mess of scenes stitched together that’s more effective when attempting serious character drama, than actual...
Mortdecai image 3

Film Review: Mortdecai


"Mortdecai is an inert piece of unfunny comedy, production-designed within an inch of its already debatable life. Depp and co. give admirable performances, but...
Locke poster



"Despite some flaws, Locke is a startling cinematic achievement. It's a strong, well acted drama about choices and their consequences, and how sometimes doing...

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St Vincent image 6
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