Press Releases/Music Submissions

Whether you’re represented by a label, PR company, your mom, your cat, your cat’s mom, or a sentient toaster – or just yourself – there’s an avenue to fit your status.

All official press releases, promos, announcements etc. should be directed to This is the site’s main press inbox, and is checked regularly throughout the day. This is the domain for day-to-day news, and makes up the bread and butter of our news section.

If you are an unrepresented artist, however, your best bet will be to fire your correspondence over to If no-one knows about you, we are far more likely to take a special interest in you and write a feature about you!


Advertising is handled in house. For a quote, and to discuss the breadth of your campaign, please contact

Tour Sponsorship

We are more than happy to discuss tour sponsorships. What we are able to offer ranges from advertising the tour on the website and social media pages, to features, competitions and interviews. Please contact to discuss.


The Monolith will NEVER leak, distribute or otherwise circulate promotional material provided for the purpose of review, and we will not post links to those who do. Any staff member found to be doing so will be released immediately.

We do not wilfully breach any copyright, but if you know of something on this site that does, please do not hesitate to contact us at