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The Algorithm - Octopus4 album art

Do you like loud noises? Do you like bleeps? Do you like bloops? Do you like glitches (that aren’t of the videogame persuasion)? Do you like to watch crazy a crazy Frenchman’s fingers dance across a console? Well, you’re in luck! The Algorithm is currently on tour, and to celebrate The Monolith are offering a very quick contest to win some free tickets to his London show, happening this Thursday at The Barfly.

If you aren’t familiar with The Algorithm, then now’s your chance to get up to speed. Their unique brand of electronic music is infused with math metal sensibilities and an incredible sense of composition, bolstered by powerful percussion from the ever hard working Mike Maylan of Monuments (although currently he’s been replaced by the excellent Jean Ferry from Uneven Structure while Monuments are on tour).

The new album Octopus4 is their best work yet, successfully blending together a myriad of sounds and styles that result in a party smashing success. Whether you prefer the heavier, more intricate metal infused tracks, or the more accessible party anthems that are perfect for getting white girl wasted to – The Algorithm have it all.

algorithm olly

So, how do you win the tickets?! Easy! Just feast your eyes on the latest picture of Remi Gallego during his performance at UK Tech Fest (above) , and think of a cool caption. Send your caption to – with the subject heading of “THE ALGORITHM TICKET CONTEST”, and we’ll get back to you very soon.

Seeing as you’re here, be sure to check out our review of Octopus4, and an exclusive conversation we had with Remi Gallego, where he gave The Monolith an exclusive in-depth rundown of the meaning and inspiration behind each of his new tracks. Really interesting stuff!

Octopus4 is out now on Basick Records, and is a must have for fans of technically minded metal, and electronic music alike!

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