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Hear the new Odyssey EP now!

Odyssey - The Turning Tide artwork

About a month ago we announced the signing of Spokane, WA-based instrumental, progressive metal trio Odyssey, and teased material from their brand new EP The Turning Tide in the form of a playthrough video for track numero uno “The Devil’s In The Details“:

We also took that opportunity to announce that said EP would be out on November 4th. That was yesterday, but as you American types were likely standing in line to vote, you may have missed it, so here’s another reminder!

It’s out digitally through Bandcamp, so you cant try before you buy, and if you’d like a physical copy then the boys have those too!

Odyssey played their last show of the year this weekend just gone, and are spending the colder months focusing on writing for their next endeavour, but we’ll see them back out on the road in the spring.

Until then, allow them to turn your tides, and enjoy!

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