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New music from members of Ever Forthright with a jazzy bent

Stimpy Lockjaw

Hopefully you guys are familiar with our friends Ever Forthright. A progressive metal band from NYC, they’re fronted by Chris Barretto and backed by a full compliment of talented musicians who produce some of the densest, jazziest tunes this side of the is it/isn’t it djent divide.

That’s not what they’re all about, though. It was with great delight that guitarist Nick Llerandi got in contact and asked us to host the self-titled debut from a new project featuring himself, EF keysman Kevin Theodore and college friend and drummer Zach Marks. This band is called Stimpy Lockjaw, and also features Steve Jenkins on bass and guests Cara Minichiello on vocals and Colin Gordon on alto saxophone.

Much less metal and much more jazz, their self-titled debut is a wild ride that runs the gamut of tempo changes, odd keys, dischord and melody. There’s much to be found here for fans of the more off-kilter Mars Volta records, as there’s a distinct rocky edge to much of what they do. Ragtime scat this is not.

Middle track “Asteroids” went down a treat a few weeks ago, but you can have a listen to the full five-song record below, but hurry – it’s only available until Monday!

You can pre-order it digitally through Bandcamp, or for a physical copy head over to the band’s website here. Stimpy Lockjaw will be officially released on September 9th.

Please note: the album stream is now over, but here’s “Asteroids” to enjoy until the album is released!