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Catch the exclusive stream of Verse Vica’s second new track

Verse Vica

A couple of weeks ago we got our first taste of a brand new North Carolinan band called Verse Vica. Our brothers in arms Heavy Blog Is Heavy premiered a track called “Ravenholm – a reference to the creepy abandoned town from Half-Life 2.

Well, the shoe is on the other foot today; the arrangement is vice versa (groan) as we have a new track to show you today. It’s called “Cities I: Cerulean“, and it sounds like this:

There’s a definite theme to the EP: places. More specifically, places in games. There’s another track paired with this one called “Cities II: Saffron“, and the keen-eyed/brained amongst you will note that Cerulean and Saffron are key cities from the Pokemon series of games.

The track itself is weedlier than a Weedle (finally, a joke that is both relevant AND funny!), but factors in some nice post-rocky melodies throughout its 5+ minute run-time.

Speaking on the track, the band said:

“‘Cities I: Cerulean‘ is the second track on the album, and it’s one of the first songs we wrote as a band. It’s one of my favorites because I love playing melodic up-beat material like this, and the energy in the song is really fun. While ‘Cerulean’ is part one of the ‘Cities’ tracks, the final track on the album is ‘Saffron’ and it’s basically a continuation of this song. Even though we explored a lot of different territory on the record between these two songs, it’s a sound we came back to and ended the album with on a high note. We hope everyone enjoys part one for now, and you’ll get to hear the rest very soon when the album drops!”

Endeavor will be available from October 6th. We’ll likely have a review in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for the full low-down.

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