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The UK’s up-and-coming festival announces first 22 acts for this summer’s shindig

UK Tech Metal Fest 2014 lineup 1

Download? Yawnload, more like; this is where it is at. As you may have gathered from our fairly extensive coverage last year, we are all about UK Tech Metal Fest. It was the first festival we covered as a unit (there were four of us there) and we had a whale of a time. It was only in its second year, but was a resounding success, and so it’s unsurprising to see the event return this year with a new venue, but the same DIY attitude as before.

We’ve been sitting on our hands all week, for fear of wearing our nails down in anticipation of the first announcement of bands, but we’ve now withdrawn our withered claws from under our ample behinds as we’ve been gifted 22 names to help start selling tickets.

The most eye-catching is of course The Ocean, for whom we have a well-documented love (see: The Ocean Week). They’re undoubtedly a main-stage headliner, such is their rising stock in metal right now. Last year’s Pelagial was absolutely gobstopping, and we’d expect a lot of that to be in their setlist (they like playing the whole thing, actually. This is probably also the UK’s first chance to see new boys Paul Seidel and Damian Murdoch.

Also appearing fairly high up are vildhjarta and Glass Cloud, who operate at different ends of the extended-range spectrum, but both of whom are exclusives to the festival (UK and Europe respectively). Glass Cloud will be travelling all the way over from America to deliver a big sticky package of brown notes, but they aren’t the only ones; Drewsif Stalin will make it for the second year running, and will be joined by 14-string (!!!) afficionado Felix Martin and Friend For A Foe.

Elsewhere we have some very choice cuts, including Belgians BEAR, who blew us away a couple of weeks ago in support of The Colour Line. Polish magicians DispersE also return for the second year after blowing everyone away in 2013. They’re helmed by guitar wunderkid Jakub Żyteck, who is just a pleasure to watch.

The Safety Fire, another group of Monolith favourites, are a very welcome sight. They’re already ramming themselves down 2014′s throat something fierce, with European and North American tours (and a festival on a boat already), and so will likely be burning very hot by the time July rolls around.

Nestled right at the bottom are northerners The Sun Explodes, who have ingratiated themselves in our hearts over the past year with their face paint-accented antics. Their album We Build Mountains is likely going to translate very well – it was one of our favourite independent releases of last year – and we can’t wait for them to get in front of some hopefully large crowds as they continue their romp towards album three.

Not content with this news, the UK Tech-Metal Fest organisers have also released Impressions, the documentary of last year’s festivities, directed by Arne Seynaeve. It’s an hour long, so set yourselves an hour aside. We haven’t spotted ourselves yet, but we’re sure we’re in there somewhere.

If you fancy joining us at what will be a highlight of our summer, head here to grab one of the initial 500 tickets (don’t worry, there will be more!). They are very reasonably prices at £60-odd, plus £20 for camping, if you want to bed down with the rest of us heathens.

You do. We’re fun.