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The Monolith’s big preview of music in 2015

The Monolith previews 2015

2014 is done and dusted, and in true modern fashion, we must now completely disregard the past and look only to the future, so as per last year’s mammoth – nay, monolithic – article along the same lines, we’ve spent the festive season compiling 50 of the records, both confirmed and rumoured, that we are looking forward to in 2015.

Let us know what you like the look of, sound of, what we’ve missed, and anything else you want to hurl our way!

We start with:

01 Styrmir Hauksson Agent Fresco production

Agent Fresco – TBA

Due: Q2?

Icelandic producer Styrmir Hauksson was working on the new album – the follow-up to 2011′s A Long Time Listening – as of late December. They’re keeping their cards close to their chest, but our good friend Jon of Daedric Influence recently saw the band perform most of it, so things are clearly nearly there.

Last year the band released a new single called “Dark Water”; not sure if it will be included, but here it is just in case:

The Agonist - Eye Of Providence

The AgonistEye of Providence

Due: 23rd February

Almost a year after founding member Alissa White-Gluz left to join Arch Enemy, and was replaced by Vicky Psarakis, The Agonist’s fourth album will be released in February. It was announced back in July, so it’s been gestating for a long time, but we’re just starting to hear the fruits now. Here’s a trailer, but there’s surely new songs on the way in the next month or so.

Aliases recording 2014

Aliases – TBA

Due: Q2?

Aliases began recording what is either technically their debut full-length, or a longer second album, in early December, after running a crowdfunding campaign for much of the summer. Depending on rate of productivity, expect this one in the spring or early summer in order to properly hit festival season.

This will be ‘new’ vocalist Joe Rosser’s first record with the band, which includes SikTh guitarist Pin – who have been busy themselves – but we have heard him before in this tune from earlier this year:

Apocalyptica - Shadowmaker


Due: Q1

The album’s title was announced in November, and a new song appeared in mid-December, so things are well on their way for the Finnish veterans’ eight album Shadowmaker. Here’s a lyric video for the title track:

Blotted Science

Blotted Science – TBA

Due: Q3?

Tech gods be praised; one of the finest technical metal bands in the land promised new recordings would be taking place in December. Their 2011 EP The Animation Of Entomology was unreal, and so this is fantastic news.

Details are somewhat thin on the ground, but we’ll take what we can get. Give ‘em til Q3 to get things right.

Bossk play through album

Bossk – TBA

Due: Q2?

Since their return, and subsequent signing with Deathwish Inc. in 2013, Bossk have been working quietly on the follow up to last decade’s .1 and .2. A Facebook post in November said the band had played through the whole album together for the first time, with help from Martin at In Lieu Of A Studio in refining its sound, so we’re going out on a small limb to say the thing’s probably done, and will likely be out at some point in 2015.

Cancer Bats - Searching For Zero album art

Cancer BatsSearching for Zero

Due: 10th March

It was strange not to have a new Cancer Bats album in 2014; the last three have been released every 2 years from 2006 like clockwork, but never fear; number 5 is right round the corner.

There have already been a couple of tracks released – “Arsenic In The Year Of The Snake” and “Satellites” – a good three months before Searching For Zero drops, so expect more before then to keep the hype up.

Carcer City new album 2015

Carcer City – TBA

Due: spring?

Vocal recording for Carcer City’s new one was wrapped up in December. The Road Journals was back in 2012, and with a new line-up solidified earlier this year, the time is ripe for new material, which we’re promised is “the best Carcer material to date” – and it should be; Carcer City have played over 100 shows in 10 different countries this year; it’s been 12 months of industry, and no doubt the fruits of their labour will be…fruity. And large.

A new track surfaced earlier this year. Not sure if it’ll be on the new record, but here it is just in case:

Cattle Decapitation

Cattle Decapitation – TBA

Due: summer?

The band announced earlier in December that they would be playing a final string of shows in support of 2012′s Monolith Of inhumanity (a title we particularly like) in January, ‘on the way’ to record its follow-up, which they have been working on since January.

All being well with that, it’s likely we’ll hear the results by summer.

Chimp Spanner - KT Croft Photography - Tech Fest 2014

Chimp Spanner – TBA

Due: Q4??

We predicted new Chimpy last year, but alas, no Chimpy was forthcoming. Spanners in the works, perhaps? Either way, we’re pretty sure Paul is working on material right now. No pressure dude; we’re just all excited!