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‘Hated’ deathcore royalty Despised Icon make an unexpected return

Despised Icon
Well, hot shit. Did you see this coming? I didn’t, and I usually pay great attention to who or what is coming. What? No, stop that, you dirty fucker. Despised Icon reigned as one of the high monarchs of the deathcore genre from their inception in 2002 until their disbandment in 2010, having released four critically acclaimed albums in their respective sphere. To this day, they are heralded as one of the pioneers of the genre and have legions of incredibly dedicated fans across the globe.

The band broke up on April 7th, 2010, because of members of the band reaching “a new chapter in their lives, starting families, buying houses and pursuing other careers to make it all happen”. They stated that “writing music, touring and leaving home for months at a time is slowly becoming impossible. We all decided that it’d be best to pull the plug now and end things right”.

Since disbanding, Alexandre Erian went on to form the metalcore band Obey the Brave, and bassist Max Lavelle now plays with The Black Dahlia Murder.

However, an hour ago (4th February 2014), the band posted this announcement on their facebook page.

“It’s been over 3 years already since we played our last shows and long story short, we genuinely miss it. After a few talks and a couple of beers, we decided to get back together temporarily to play a handful of shows. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be returning to Europe in April on the Impericon Festivals in Vienna, Manchester and Cologne. To our friends in Canada and the US, we’ll have some good news for you as well in a few weeks. Thanks for sticking around with us after all these years. Can’t wait to see you all and crush the stage, one more time. Keep it brutal.”

Along with this video:

In addition to this announcement, they posted the dates for the three festivals they mentioned, with further North American dates to be announced in the future.

04/25/14 – Vienna, AT @ Impericon Festival
04/27/14 – Manchester, UK @ Impericon Festival
04/30/14 – Koln, DE @ Impericon Festival

While there is no news of reformation, nor any news of a new album, who knows? Perhaps we will be seeing more of these guys in the near future, and perhaps they will not stop with these teaser dates. If SikTh can reform out of the blue, then it is always a possibility.

Future updates shall be reported here on The Monolith, so stick with us if you want to know more! In the meantime, here is some old Despised Icon to get you fucking pumped!