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SOM319-Benighted-1500X1500px-300dpi-RGB[14th February 2014]
[Season Of Mist]


01. X2Y
02. Noise
03. Experience Your Flesh
04. Slaughter/Suicide
05. Spit
06. Defiled Purity
07. Jekyll
08. Collection of Dead Portraits
09. Carnivore Sublime
10. Les Morsures du Cerbère
11. June and the Laconic Solstice

Yes there is an exposed nipple, calm the fuck down.

It feels like only yesterday that Benighted unleashed their previous release, Asylum Cave, but there are definitely no complaints when it comes to new material from the French death metal tyrants. They’ll have a hard time beating that release, but if they do….oh boy. Asylum Cave was a near-perfect example of groovy, catchy death metal, so let’s see if Carnivore Sublime lives up to it’s predecessor.

Well, it certainly kicks off in a different manner than expected, but it isn’t long before the signature gurglies make an appearance. It appears that Julien Truchan is trying out some new voices. They all encapsulate the same brutal death metal atmosphere, but there are a few distinct personas within. There is Piggy, Screechy, Gorey-Roary and Screamy, although he appears to have introduced new characters; Spluttery Guttery and Crusty. He only needs to perfect one more vocal style and he can be the brutal death metal version of the seven dwarves, rolled into one person.

Benippled – dammit, stupid distracting album cover – Benighted tend to enjoy throwing curveballs at you. Not so much that they could be considered “progressive”, but they do like to throw random shit into their songs, simply to fuck with people. In some cases, it is a Looney Tunes sample; in others, a soft passage complete with a crying child, before erupting back into the gurgling tentacley mass of grooves and riffs that they do so well. There is no shortage of powerful, air-guitar inducing riffs in this release. Most influence spontaneous headbanging, if not spontaneous fucking combustion on the spot. The title track is the greatest indicator as to the diverse, shifting, angry style of these guys; it comes complete with slammy sections, groove-laden power-riffs and those random-ass curveballs mentioned earlier. It leaves you feeling both intensely satisfied and strangely confused, quite like the aftermath of being fucked by an alien with 48 tits and a tentacley vagina, and then realising that you may have enjoyed it. Perhaps that metaphor is a little too out there. You know what I mean, right? RIGHT?

While these guys are among the heaviest of the heavy, they are also the catchiest brutal death metal band ever. They somehow manage to write these enticing licks and vocal runs that have the same sort of appeal as the tastiest of melodies in less brutal music. It is a strange phenomenon. One that needs to be researched more thoroughly…

Carnivore Sublime certainly ticks all the boxes required for a top tier death metal album. It has all-encompassing aggression, unrelenting brutality, powerful instrumentals, face-fucking groove, undefeatable vocals and versatility enough that you don’t find yourself getting bored at any point during the release’s whole forty minutes. Despite this, it isn’t as good as Asylum Cave.

Why? Well, while it has all these commendable qualities, it doesn’t have the unique appeal that its predecessor had. It is quite difficult to explain exactly why; perhaps because it is so similar? Carnivore Sublime does feel like Asylum Cave 2 in more ways than one (with “Les Morsures du Cerbère” having some sections that seem almost identical to sections of “Let The Blood Spill Between My Crooked Teeth”). This in no way means that it is a bad album; quite the opposite, but this album is not as good as Asylum Cave. It comes damn fucking close. It may be a contender for year’s end list already. 2014 is already shaping up to a brilliant year in the death metal circle, and we are not the only ones eager to hear more.

Benighted deserve much more recognition than they have at this point in time. We urge you to check out their other releases, particularly 2012′s Asylum Cave and this album when it is released on Valentine’s Day. Who knows? Maybe you’re significant other will enjoy it! Why not buy your girlfriend/boyfriend/waifu/farm animal this album as a present; trust me, you will be rolling in poon/dick/whatever appendage you find most appealing in no time.

Notable Tracks: “Carnivore Sublime”, “Experience your Flesh”, “Jekyll”, “Spit”