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The Monolith’s 2013 in review – part 2!

The Monolith 2013 favourites banner Simon

I talk too much. Given the opportunity to wax ecstatic about my favourite releases of 2013, I was liable to do to the humble end of year list what Peter Jackson has done to The Hobbit. So, to save you all eight hours of your lives, I’ve imposed a strict limit. Seventeen syllables per album, to be precise.

Yup, these are my top 15 favourite albums of 2013 in haiku form. I wrote full reviews of most of the albums on the list, so you can revisit them if you really want to see what I had to say in more detail.

I’ve also copped out a bit – there is a rough order, but I couldn’t decide what should go right at the top.  So I put two in first place.  So There.

Simon’s Top 15

White Moth Black Butterfly - One Thousand Wings15. White Moth Black Butterfly – One Thousand Wings

Late night down tempo

Perfect sounds for chilling out

Angelic voices


Flat Earth Society - 1314. Flat Earth Society  - 13

Belgian big band jazz

More intense than most metal

Hold on to your hats

Tomahawk - Oddfellows13. Tomahawk – Oddfellows

Patton’s super-group

Returns from six year absence

It was worth the wait

Coilguns - Commuters12. Coilguns – Commuters

Guitar, drums and voice

Make fantastic noise with help

From lots of pedals

Clutch - Earth Rocker11. Clutch – Earth Rocker

Album number ten

Masters of no frills hard rock

Yeah, cowbell frenzy


Armed For The Apocalypse - The Road Will End10. Armed For Apocalypse – The Road Will End

Riffs you can chew on

Beefy as a ten ton cow

Wading through treacle


Nordic Giants Build Seas9. Nordic Giants – Build Seas/Dismantle Suns

Expansive post-rock

Might be from another world

Aching in beauty


Sleepers Awake - Transcension8. Sleepers Awake – Transcension

Self release neo-prog

Packed with really good ideas

Why are they not signed?


Circles - Infinitas7. Circles – Infinitas

Pop-Djent from Down Under

Hooks are visible from space

Perry has big lungs


NK - Nothing To Be Gained Here6. NK – Nothing To Be Gained Here

Shoulder gorilla

No, I don’t know what it means

But I still want one.



Intronaut_HL_CoverHR5. Intronaut – Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)

Coming of age disc

Delivers on past promise

Oh my god, that bass.


safetyfire mouthofswords4. The Safety Fire – Mouth Of Swords

Second album tech

That keeps a sense of humour

Beware the leopard.


Earthtone9 - IV3. Earthtone9 – IV

Blast from the past

But big tunes and chunky riffs

Keep it sounding fresh


The Ocean - Pelagial=1. The Ocean – Pelagial

Robin and chums go

To the bottom of the sea

What took them so long?


The Dillinger Escape Plan - One Of Us Is The Killer=1. The Dillinger Escape Plan – One Of Us Is The Killer

Mathcore godfathers

Defying gravity by

Still getting better