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Interview with Basick Records’ Italian bruisers Damned Spring Fragrantia

UK Tech-Metal Fest 2013 Damned Spring Fragrantia

One of the first bands I caught upon arriving at UK Tech-Metal Fest on the Friday, Damned Spring Fragrantia had come all the way from their native Italy specially, and this was their first appearance outside their homeland. After a well-received set [see our Friday coverage here], I sat down with the boys and asked them a few questions.

How was Tech Fest for you? I saw you all stuck around for the whole weekend, did you have a good time?

Yes for sure, we really enjoyed ourselves. Tech-Fest for us has been very important for us, being our first show in the UK; we can say that it definitely was our best live musical experience.

We hope in future to have the possibility to play in similar festivals or, why not, play at next years UK Tech-Fest!

When did you make the switch to eight-string guitars? What inspired you to make the change? Was it easier or harder than you expected?

We made the switch in the early 2011. It was actually an idea we had since the band started, but the concrete decision came after we listened to a few albums that came out in 2010 – such as Danza III byThe Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and MMX by War From A Harlot’s Mouth – and that really struck us!

To play an eight-string guitar is quite different and a bit challenging in the beginning if you’re used to a six-strings guitar, but it’s just a matter of habit.

Can you tell us how you came to be signed to Basick Records?

Starting from the beginning: in November 2011 our first official video of the song “Lost Shores” came out.

This one signaled for us a change in our musical genre; in fact we put in this song new sounds and musical innovations – due to new influences and the new 8-strings guitars. We then contacted, through e-mail, the A&R of Basick Records (Nathan Phillips) because we wanted to record our first full-length (including “Lost Shores“) and we were looking for a record label to release it.

He answered saying that he had really liked it and he was interested in listening to all the songs from the album. From that day we’ve always kept ourselves in touch until the day in which I sent him the full album.

It started all from this…!

Now that Divergences is out, what are your plans for the future? Will you be touring?

Our plans for the imminent future include to shoot the official video for one of the songs taken from our debut album and to promote the record in every possible way. At the moment we haven’t any tours booked yet, but we would like to do a “Divergences Tour” to celebrate the release of our full-length and play as much as possible around Europe and UK to promote it.

Can you tell us about the Italian metal scene? Are there any other bands like you guys out there? Who would you recommend to us?

We think that the Italian metal scene is increasing, but there is still much work to do. There aren’t bands that play our same genre in Italy but we can find some that play in similar way: some of these are already established and well known as Destrage or Amia Venera Landscape; others, on the other hand, are emerging, like Despite Exile or Lies of Nazca.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

We’d like to let you know that we’re looking for an European or English booking agency that could manage our shows and tours for the future: in case anyone would be interested in that, they can contact us at our email address:

Many thanks for this space, cheers!

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