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The Ocean’s newest skinsman Paul Seidel, under fire from our dodgy interview technique

Paul Seidel - The Ocean

We love The Ocean. We’ve loved them long-time. Even before the mind-bendingly good Pelagial was released last year, they held a special place in our shriveled, blackened hearts.

The creative core has always been founding member Robin Staps, who writes the majority of the music, but he always surrounds himself with incredible musicians, and one of the most recent to join is form War From A Harlots Mouth drummer Paul Seidel, who replaced long-serving member Luc Hess (Coilguns, Red Kunz).

In our previous two interviews we’ve spoken to Robin, but Paul took the reigns for this one, and we’re sure on reading this, Robin will be more than glad he did…

Read on to find out the weirdest things he’s ever put in his mouth, as well as what he thinks about lobbyism!

Quigs: Who the fuck are you, and why should you care?

P: I’m Paul, the new drummer for The Ocean, and you should listen to The Ocean because they’re a cool band.

Q: You’re given a boat, what do you name it?

P: I would call it Deena.

Q: Why?

P: Well, that was my last relationship’s name, and it was the best relationship I’ve had, so yeah.

Q: Awww. Well, hopefully she’ll read this then.

P:  (Laughs)

Q: Would you rather have a vagina on your forehead or a row of penises down your back like a stegosaurus?

P: That’s a hard question, it depends on how it feels. I can’t really say how a vagina feels, or whether it would be appealing to have sex in the face.

Q: You’d get a really bad nosebleed once a month.

P: (Laughs) Probably, yeah. Well, seeing as I’m a man anyway, I’ll take the vagina. I haven’t had one yet.

Q: Would you rather get punched in the nuts once, or three times in the face?

P: Three times in the face, definitely. No question.

Q: You’re stranded on a desert island, which band member do you eat first?

P: Ooooh, probably eat our bassist first.

Q: Why?

P: Because he’s the coolest guy.

Q: That’s an odd thing to say to someone “You’re the coolest guy, so we’re going to kill you first.”

P: (Laughs)

Q: You’re in charge of the country for an hour, you can make one thing legal, and one thing illegal, what would you do?

P: I think, because I’m quite politically interested… I would forbid lobbyism. So companies couldn’t finance political parties and influence their decisions.

Q: Interesting. Would you put a cap on lobbyism, or ban it outright?

P: I think I would ban it, it causes a lot of problems. As for what to make legal… I’m not really a drug guy, I don’t care about that stuff, so I’m not going to say that.

Q:  Yeah, a lot of people just say “weed!”

P: Yeah, not really my thing, although it has been legalised in Seattle now.

Q: Yeah, I saw that.

P: Yeah, it’s weird. As for making something legal, maybe, walking around on the street naked.

Q: Really?

P: Yeah, we’ll go with that.

Q:  If you could time travel to any gig in history, where would you go?

P: In history?! Wow, that’s a good one! I think I would go to a Queen concert when Freddy was still around. I’d love to do that.

Q: Would you rather be trapped in a swimming pool with a great white shark or a basement with a bear?

P: The swimming pool. Because sharks are usually quite afraid of human beings, so if I just swim and scream at him, then I should be ok. (Laughs)

Q: Are you a confident swimmer?

P: Yeah, I think so.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?

P:  I have two options.

Q: Give us both!

P: Both of them are liquid based. I was having a party at my house, and everyone was smoking on the balcony, and putting their cigarettes in the empty bottles. Then, the next day, a friend came over and we had a beer – I put my bottle down, and apparently I grabbed the wrong  bottle, because I ended up downing the whole ashtray bottle, which was a mix of warm beer, cigarettes and god knows what else.

The second one was a really old Iced Tea that was standing around in the rehearsal room for about two months. But I got five Euros for it! (Laughs)

Q: It’s not all bad then!

P: Yeah, exactly!

Q: Ok, this is one that everyone’s had, and it’s a bit horrible.

P: Alright then.

Q: Would you rather, watch your parents have sex every single day of your life, or join in once to make it stop?

P: (Laughs) Join in once to make them stop? Aww! No, I wouldn’t join in. I would have to watch. But it doesn’t say how long they have sex for, maybe it’s just five seconds?

Q: Well, that depends how long your parents go for?

P: Probably less than two minutes.


We’ll leave it there, shall we? The Ocean are due to play Summer Breeze and Hevy Fest towards the end of this week, as well as PostFest and Incubate in September, before hopefully settling down to write and record the next record.

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