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Here’s An Important Lesson In Why You Should Always Claim Your Domain Name

Guy's Fake Menu Domain Name

If this isn’t an important lesson in why you should always make sure to claim the domain names for your business then I don’t know what is. Guy Fieri, famous for the hit Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has his own restaurant called Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar – problem is, the website for his restaurant only has the domain name Uh-oh.

That’s when enterprising programmer Bryan Mytko decided to have a little fun at Guy’s expense, by creating a fake menu at the domain name -the actual name of the restaurant. This fake menu is pretty glorious, and I imagine has caused more than a little disappointment from patrons who may have arrived at the eatery, planning on gorging on some ridiculously exaggerated American stereotypes.

What’s your favourite dish on this fake menu? Would you eat there? Who needs to claim their domain names?

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