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Shady hacktivist group Anonymous seize control of WBC social media page

Anonymous revolution

Two of the best known organisations in the world right now – for completely different reasons – online activist hacker group Anonymous and widely loathed religious community Westboro Baptist Church have come to blows before. The former, known for their calculating and targeted attacks on websites – overloading them with traffic or hacking them entirely and taking them over – have understandably taken issue with the latter before over their hate-mongering campaigns towards pretty much anyone and everyone.

One of the WBC’s main weapons is the picketing of funerals. In the wake of the bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday, the group have announced they plan to picket the funerals of the victims, seeing such disasters as evidence of an angry God.

In retaliation for yet another obviously disgraceful and tasteless tirade of pointlessness, Anonymous have used their obviously considerable resources to hack into Westboro Baptist Church’s Facebook page, deleting all prior activity and posting their own content.

People are flocking to ‘like’ the page – so the exposure is a bit concerning once the group regain control and start spouting their hate again – but everyone pretty much knows who they are anyway, and it’s a bit of vindication.

Not much else to it other than what’s going on over there, so go and have a look before Facebook kills the fun. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the church’s main website go down either…

Satisfying or pointless? What do you guys reckon?

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