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Apparently Brazil likes to play with dead things and scare people

Brazilian Ghost Elevator Prank

Just yesterday I wrote about weird and terrifying pranks that occur over in Japan involving a dinosaur, as well as a brief cultural lesson thanks to our Japanese correspondent, Preston. Today, we go to Brazil and seeing as I don’t have a Brazilian writer, I unfortunately can’t offer you any cultural reasoning, though clearly it’s because they like to fuck with people.

See, whereas the dinosaur prank took place in a fairly innocuous corridor, that gave the victims plenty of space to run. Clearly Brazilians are a lot meaner because this prank takes place within an elevator, which as most of you already know are pretty fucking scary as it is. I mean, sure it’s just a random box suspended in an enormous shaft by a few industrial strength cables that if you watch Hollywood movies could potentially snap at any second and send you plummeting to your death – but they’re also scary because they trap you an enclosed space.

Our first prank here sees an unsuspecting victim have a coffin stood up in the corner of the lift they’re in. The lift then closes, seemingly going to their floor, except that it doesn’t actually move. Within five floors, it fake shuts down and the lights flicker, something that is enough to frighten an average person on its own. Remember though, you’re sharing that tight space with a coffin. There’s a dead guy in there, so it’s going to be pretty unnerving anyway. But then, on cue, the actor painted to look like a corpse flops out of the top half of the coffin, scaring the fucking shit out of the poor person who’s already cowering in the corner.

That would be more than enough for most people, but they go one step further by having the actor spring to life and act like a zombie. Cue person screaming and banging on the door in a desperate bid to escape and then running for their freaking life as soon as the door opens. Make sure to watch that clip to the end though as the penultimate one fails rather badly when the coffin topples over, crushing our poor actor before he can spring his zombie trick.

The second clip doesn’t involve a coffin, but it’s a similar concept. The same building, the elevator breaks down, except this time, the inhabitants are plunged into darkness, which is pretty scary in its own right. Then what happens is a panel in the wall slides open and a young girl, made up to look like a ghost, climbs into the lift and stands in the middle of it. The lights come back on and the girl is just standing there. Sometimes it takes the victims a few seconds to notice, at which point they recoil in horror. Eventually, the young girl turns her head slowly, and creepily towards the people and lets out a blood curdling scream, before the lights flick off again. Now, THAT is enough to give people with the firmest constitution something to cry about.

The lights on, lights off, girl there, girl gone trick can be played as many times as the people who pull off these fucked up pranks want, and each time it gets the same primal fear response. Sure, on closer inspection, the girl or the guy’s make-up isn’t particularly well done or convincing, but in the context, and in a more superstitious setting, your analytical brain probably isn’t going to overpower the “OH SHIT RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” part.

What do you guys think? Is this just too harsh for words? Would you be scared? Can you think of any other great, but harsh pranks? Sound off in the comments!

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