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The A-Team Have Gone Too Far And Must Be Stopped!

The A Team

I remember the classic A-Team.You know, the guys who wouldn’t hurt another soul and managed to always save the day without actually shooting people? Well, sadly that all changed with the release of the “gritty” (read: absolutely godawful) A-Team reboot starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlito Copley and a black guy – the A-Team were suddenly violent, swearing killers. Brilliant.

Now, it has come to our attention that they have just gone too damn far! Recent video evidence has surfaced, suggesting that this supposedly new and improved A-Team were actually behind the atrocities committed at Pearl Harbor. Originally thought to be the responsibility of Japanese forces, the entire attack seems to have been the dastardly plot of this nefarious team, whilst piloting a flying tank. There is no God! Nothing is sacred! Glen Benton will be thrilled.

See the damning evidence below. Warning: The Monolith is not responsible for any destroyed dreams or psychological problems that may develop as a result of seeing this horrific footage. We sadly maxed out our complimentary therapy budget on the last person to escape our sex dungeons.

I am disgusted. How do you feel about the A-Team’s actions? Do you think they should be tried as war criminals or just taken behind the bike sheds and humanely shot? Sound off in the comments!