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BMX legend releases new short film showcasing his talents

Danny MacAskill

The world is a very strange place, filled with millions of people that are all different. There are some people who are incredibly uninspiring and even aggravating to think about. Talent is something that human beings naturally find extremely intriguing. We love to watch other people succeed and pull off amazing feats, because it provides catharsis from our own unfullfilling lives. See, it’s not that your life is boring, or is even remotely terrible, but the very nature of us as humans mandates that we will never truly be happy and will always want more. Because of our very different make-ups and upbringings, there is always someone out there who is more talented than you, and sometimes these talents blow our minds.

Danny MacAskill is an incredibly talented Scottish BMX artist who has been heavily involved in the professional stunt biking scene for many years. He actually choreographed and performed all of the bike stunts in the film Premium Rush, which was a Hollywood bike messenger action thriller starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Michael Shannon. It didn’t make much of a splash commercially, but it was a solid thriller, with a surprisingly compelling villain (naturally, played by Shannon after all!) and some exhilarating set pieces courtesy of the impressive stunt work executed by MacAskill that helped the film keep a strong kinetic pace.

Well, it turns out that when MacAskill isn’t busy tearing it up in Hollywood, he often works on his own short films, showcasing his ample talents in the field of bike stuntmanship. He recently unveiled a new film entitled Imaginate, which is by far one of his most creative and interesting works.

Imaginate is about a young boy who goes to bed and dreams of being a stuntman. It’s in this dreamworld that MacAskill implements some of his most complicated and visually arresting ideas yet. Interacting with model cars, toy soldiers and giant oversized books, the stuntman performs a menagerie of daring stunts with a sense of childlike wonderment and abandon. It’s really worth a watch as it’s an incredible little piece.

One thing that I find particularly refreshing about this video is the inclusion of some of his less than stellar moments at the end of the film. We live in a world where its customary for this professionals to edit themselves to perfection, in order to seem godlike, so it’s very cool to see an incredibly talented guy who’s willing to show off the fact that he does indeed often make mistakes like the rest of us.

What do you guys think? Is this a really cool video? Did you see Premium Rush? What did you think of it? What talents amaze you? Sound off in the comments!

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