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Vine compilation provides small clips and big grins

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Life has a habit of showing up when you least expect it and slapping you in the face with its sweaty, wrinkled balls; much like when estranged relatives you don’t want to see (but for some reason you are pretending that you like them) come to stay.Oh, just leave me alone, I’ve had enough of you today etc. Everyone has those days where you just wish you could go back to bed and hit reset. I was having one of those days until I stumbled across this clip.

Every now and again, you just need something small to reaffirm that life isn’t all that bad, and this is one of those clips. It’s a compilation video that a brave Youtube user by the name of Eric S has compiled by traversing through the daunting libraries of Vine to find some of the best videos out there.

For those not in the know, Vine is a feature launched by Twitter that allows you to upload video to your feed, so long as it’s only 7 seconds in length. Vine has become an interesting phenomenon. While many of the entries are just people falling over or ridiculous clips of randomness, some of it has been used for promotional purposes. It’s a neat way for a celebrity to create content for their subscribers, and to perhaps show a more fun loving natural side to themselves (like two of the girls from Game Of Thrones do with the shenanigans on their channel). It’s even been used by beloved filmmakers like Joss Whedon as a means to promote their own work or upcoming films in production.

You’ll find none of that here though, instead for nearly 12 minutes you’ll find a litany of clips that use the medium quite well, and make for an entertaining compilation. It has everything, from insane stunts, to You’ve Got Framed style shenanigans, to amusing satire. Of course, only having 7 seconds to play with means that you shouldn’t go in expecting virtuouso level comedy, but for those looking for a brief reprieve will find bountiful good humour here.

Check it out and share it around. Thanks Eric, do more of these!

What do you guys think? Does this appeal to you? Do you use Vine? Have you seen other great Vine videos that you would recommend? What was your favourite clip from the compilation? Sound off in the comments!

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