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Muscle in on ladies’ fashion in the manliest way possible

Hippie wedding

Whilst not compulsory, long hair is a common feature of your common and garden metalhead. Female connoisseurs aside, lengthy locks are of course are one of the prevailing ‘styles’ amongst our brethren, and combined with a gnarly beard, make us easily recognisable to our fellow heavy enthusiasts.

Thing is, beyond growing it out and perhaps straightening it, that’s usually about as far as it goes, which is where this handy guide from The Bold Italic to sprucing up your manly locks comes in handy.

Modelled by a variety of long-haired chaps – and let’s be honest, most of whom look like they listen to music the harder side of Coldplay – the picture-essay’s author Jessica Saia notes:

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So many men spend years getting their manes all long and for what? To be occasionally bundled into a low ponytail? I’m not sure how ladies got to hoard all of hair’s styling potential when men can grow hair out of their faces.

You’re got damn right we can (even though sometimes it comes out with the quality and haphazard consistency of pubic hair, or a colour not matching the rest of your follicles), and although wearing flowers in your beard may appear a bit feminine, you have to admire when a man such as Mat Dunlap, above, can pull off the ‘hippy wedding’ look with such aplomb.

I for one would love to see some established metalheads get in on this and make a stand for dude-dos going forward. TesseracT‘s James Monteith looking ‘Desperately Vintage’? Paul Waggoner of Between the Buried and Me with a ‘Sass’Bun’?

My favourite of the selection has to be Borden Ornelaz sporting the ‘Brigitte Bardot’ (which looks a bit more Amy Winehouse to me), but they all have their…charm?

Who’s got the best locks of the crop? Who in the metal scene would you like to see putting their hair up like this? Sound off in the comments!