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How the ending of Iron Man 3 could have been different…

Iron Man 3 How It Should Have Ended screen cap

Yeah yeah, another Iron Man post. We do rather enjoy them, it must be said, and in the wake of Iron Man 3, which we both reviewed and discussed detailed plots points of in depth, the good fellows over at How It Should Have Ended have produced their own take on how the all-time top five box office-grossing film should have finished.

Now, it goes without saying that should you still wish to see the movie unspoiled, you should neither read our discussion, nor watch this video until you have satisfied said wish.

Displayed in the distinctive animation style, it humorously points out a few plot holes in the movie, and adds its own potential plot directions.

Returning are the cast of comic-book characters whose meta-commentary is always entertaining, including permanent fixtures Batman and Superman. It’s just a bit of good fun really, and the group’s other HISHE skits are equally worth a watch. Check them out on their YouTube channel here, or their website here.

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