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If Star Trek: The Next Generation Were To Receive A Reboot – Who Would You Want To See In The Roles?

Star Trek - The Next Generation

When it comes to speculating about new incoming adaptations, one of my favourite personal things to indulge in are “dream-casts”. For those not in the know “dream-casts” don’t refer to the Sega game system of the same namesake, but the thought process of who you would cast in various iconic roles if the decision had been left to you. As a longtime Batman superfan, I must admit I have my own private “dream-cast” written out for every major character in that comic book universe… Anyway, ahem!

Star Trek is one of the most iconic science fiction series of all time. As many are aware, J.J. Abrams has successfully rebooted the Star Trek franchise, and as a reward fan reaction has been mixed. Such is the nature of these things, but now that he’s moving on to Star Wars and that his desire for his own Star Trek tv series has been denied – what could he reboot next? Would you like to see a reboot of Star Trek: The Next Generation? This writer must admit that while I’ve never been a huge Trek fan, from what I did see, I always preferred The Next Generation to the original series, perhaps because of the presence of the always awesome Patrick Stewart.

Screen Junkies on their Youtube channel have been speculating about a reboot of The Next Generation and discussing who they would cast in the major roles of the show if it was rebooted. I must say that while I imagine around half of their choices were for comedy purposes, I most definitely approve their choice of a replacement for Captain Picard. There are very few actors alive that could replace such a legend as Stewart, but if anyone can, then it would surely be him. Check out the video and tell us if you agree with their choices and who you would cast!

What do you guys think? Are these some good choices? Would yours be better? Sound off in the comments!

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