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CinemaSins investigates the Roland Emmerich Holiday classic

Independence Day

Happy 4th July everyone. It’s that day that means next to nothing to almost everyone, but means everything to our American friends and family so what better way to kick off  the morning of July 4th than with a Calm Before The Storm focused on the holiday classic film Independence Day?

Roland Emmerich is a director notorious for his mindless action and explosion focused films. He also loves to destroy American landmarks as he has done numerous times via the variety of increasingly destructive films he has made (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012).

I’ve always viewed Emmerich as a lesser Michael Bay, even though in general, Bay garners a lot more hate from the masses. I think this is mainly to do with Bay’s general attitude and the subject matter he chooses to desecrate, earning him the ire of the geek populous. However, when you look at the two director’s work somewhat objectively, Bay is clearly the stronger filmmaker – a superb director who unfortunately often succumbs to his own ego and gets incredibly carried away. By comparison, Emmerich’s films are often dull and lifeless, merely going through the motions with a lack of sincerity or cohesion. However, if you’re going to talk about Emmerich though, you can’t avoid talking about his American patriotism baiting classic, Independence Day.

At The Monolith we’ve written about the awesome work of CinemaSins many times before, and to celebrate the distinctly American holiday of Independence Day what better thing to do than criticize and tear apart the Emmerich classic, or as close to a classic as he has in his repertoire.

As always, CinemaSin pick up on a number of very good points, as well as identifying poorly integrated product placement and highly illogical plot holes. Make sure to watch to the end to catch a pretty funny bonus clip.

What do you guys think? Do you like the work CinemaSins does? Is this one of their better ones? Do you enjoy Emmerich’s movies? Which director do you think is better, Bay or Emmerich? Sound off in the comments!