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insane office escape – taking quitting your job a bit far?

insane office escape 2

Continuing the theme of not fucking with Russians, today’s Calm Before The Storm features Insane Office Escape parts I & II; a pair of Russian music videos Cranked up to eleven.

Starting off with the music: both videos are from Biting Elbows, a four-piece indie-punk band from Moscow. Video number one is a track called “The Stampede“, the lead track from their 2011 Dope Fiend Massacre EP.

It starts off innocuously enough; a first-person viewpoint of a guy sitting at his office desk. He gets an e-mail containing six numbers, which he writes on his hand. He walks to the office of a friend, who ‘predicts’ the building’s fire alarm going off.

Shit goes down.

Safes, theft, armed henchmen by the dozen, fighting, parkour; it’s got action movie balls with a sci-fi twist, as the item our protagonist steals appears to be some sort of teleportation device. Do things go well for him? Does he escape?

Well, there’s certainly more to the story, as a second video, this time for new song “Bad Motherfucker” (Pulp Fiction reference, anyone?) continues the action:

Great stuff. It ups the production values, taking the action outside, with more props, prosthetics, car chases and explosions, as well as more locations. The video was actually taken down by YouTube last night, but reinstated not long after with an age-filter…probably because of the in-your-face breasticles at one point (covered, though, so I’m not sure what necessitated the nixing).

For music videos, they’re certainly some of the most impressive and inventive I’ve seen in recent times.

What do you guys reckon?

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