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Original-era Pokémon get spliced, with freaky results

Pokémon fusion Gotchu

When Pokémon exploded in Europe just after the beginning of the new millennium, I, along with most of my school, country, and the rest of the world really, got a bit obsessed: The cards, the videogames, the cartoon, the legion merchandise – we consumed everything we could about the Nintendo-created Japanese monsters – and in the nearly decade and a half since, it’s become one of those nostalgic fixtures of childhood; fondly remembered, and oft discussed excitedly amongst adults who remember and share that initial excitement.

This Pokémon-fusing website has been making the rounds lately, with some pretty interesting results. Basically, it takes (most of?) the original 150 Pokémon and allows you to combine them, conjoining the digital sprites and their names to create some ‘interesting’ results.

In the wake of this, it seems someone has been working on artistic representations of some of these amalgamations. I’m not sure the source of them, or if they’re even all by the same person, but a large number have been consolidated into one handy imgur post, posted by Reddit user donpapillon.

It seems that anything combined with Cubone, Haunter or Arcanine is likely to look utterly bitchin’, but there’s a lot of cool stuff in here (Golbat + Raichu, above, looks awesome, as does Machamp + Charizard) – leading people to say that perhaps the next Pokémon game should play around with its existing material, rather than creating 100-odd new characterless iterations with every generation? That would certainly be an interesting proposition; it could handle Team Rocket splicing Pokémon together, and whilst the moral ramifications would mark it as more of an adult game, you have to admit that would be quite tantalizing – a lot more so than a snotty teddy bear.

And hey, who wouldn’t want to see Mandude?!

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