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Happy Friday everyone!

Today’s Calm Before The Storm focuses on a sketch that was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a few nights ago. Me not being American I tend to stumble across this stuff later. This sketch involves Steve Carell and Justin Timberlake playing “Parvis & Lumberpond” (geddit?!) owners of a clothing store that specifically deals with high class gentleman wear. The catch is, they can’t use their real arms, and are stuck with mannequin arms. Personally with these things I tend to find the fact that the actors can barely contain their own laughter funnier than the actual jokes, and being not hysterical or American, I tend to find the incessant hollering and whooping of the audience tiresome. Still, it’s an amusing idea and there are two parts to it. Check it out and have a great weekend everyone. Stay tuned for a lot more content throughout the day!

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