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Get Inside Your Pet’s Mind With Sad Cat Diaries!

Sad Cat

Dear Diary,

I admit that until I met my current wife to be, I was never really an animal person. Through no fault of their own of course, more just because of the animal-less environment I’d been raised in. Owning animals was an oddity, not a norm for me, as many people within our circle of friends whilst growing up also never really had animals. Why am I writing this? Did The Monolith transform into a Tumblr blog over the weekend? There is no logic in this place…

Now, I am close to becoming “The Authority” in two cats’ lives and I must say that this video perfectly encapsulates a number of the deeds that they get up to. The choice of language, such as cats calling their owners “The Authority” and the way that Youtube user zeFrank1 describes various cat trends emphatically in unison with the deliberately melodramatic music and images is a joy to watch. The video in question offers some amusing explanations for some of these trends, and several of these I have bore witness to myself.

The cats we have especially like to lie on my keyboard, but only when I’m using it, and usually when I’m rushing towards a deadline, like right…nosasahfdhafdwjlkwlkjFNKDCGNVNDFNAKNGLgg. Dammit Jack…

zeFrank1 is a strong narrator, capable of accomplished delivery, but I can’t help but wish that someone like Michael Shannon was reading these aloud. Then again, I’m a strong believer that everything can be improved by more Michael Shannon. Thankfully we’ll all get to see him later this week in the sure to be awesome Man Of Steel.

One thing that’s particularly cool about these videos though is that the subject matter has really seemed to capture the imagination of its audience. The Youtube comments are filled with “Dear Diary” passages from viewers and some of them are truly excellent, most definitely deserving of inclusion if there was ever a sequel video. My favourite of them belongs to a user called Querus Abuttu, who wrote:

Dear Diary,

The Authorities suffer from an inability to grow fur. They cover themselves with unattractive cloth much better to sleep on than it must be to wear. I have attempted to be generous and share my luscious coat by leaving large clumps of it resting on bed pillows, in the tub and on the new sofa. They show no gratitude. My efforts are ignored and since the residue from my donations makes me gag, I am tidy and expel the goo in neat little balls. There is no praise. My suffering abounds.

I can definitely confirm that if I was to regret one thing about becoming an animal level it’s that my life used to be far less hairy.

What do you guys think? What’s your favourite sad cat in the video? Do these remind you of any of your pets? Can you write your own? Sound off in the comments!

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