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Use Sad Dog Diaries To Find Out Why Your Dog Is Sad!

Sad Dog

As the immortal Brad Pitt would say, “Do you like dags?!” Yes, continuing the trend that we started on Monday with Sad Cat Diaries and now we have some Sad Dog Diaries for your viewing pleasure.

I think I actually prefer this one to Sad Cats, the nature of dogs and their traditionally closer relationships with their owners lends to a more melodramatic and touching series of situations. For one, it’s particularly nice to see that dogs refer to us as “Dearest Human” rather than the cat’s far more distant “The Authority”.

Of course, I haven’t gone mental, I know this is just the design of warped voice-over genius zeFrank1, I know he hasn’t gone around and actually recorded the thoughts of dogs, but still, just because of their nature you can certainly imagine these thoughts to be relatively accurate. I suppose, that’s the charm of the series, the sublime music coupled with the manipulative and emotional images genuinely do create a heightened sense of melodrama and sadness, but that is offset by the nuanced narration and deceptively simplistic messages that it conveys. All in all, it surprisingly creates a very amusing package, not least because we can totally imagine this is what our pets are thinking, which means that zeFrank1 has achieved his goal in that respect.

I particularly enjoy the thoughts about genitals, not because I like animal genitals, don’t be absurd, but it truly is something that will get you thinking. The way the narration adds “I love Ginger” to the end is enough to make any pet owner reconsider (albeit just for a moment) not neutering their beloved pet.

All in all, the main difference between cats and dogs according to this series is intelligence. The dogs are a little simpler, bound to their owners by blind devotion and see the world in a very black and white way, especially when discomfort often results in peeing on the bed to get their owner’s attention.

All we have now is to wait, to see what animals zeFrank1 decides to emphasize with next. Gerbils? Goats? Cows? Horses? Only time will tell.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer this to Sad Cats? Does your dog do any of these? What animals would you like to see zeFrank1 tackle next? Sound off in the comments!

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