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A very different version of Duck Tales to spoil your childhood

Duck Tales

Younglings today may not realize this, but believe it or not, there was once a time where the internet didn’t permeate into every single moment of our lives, a time of innocence and joy. A time where you could watch great animated shows and classic movies, without having them spoiled or tarnished by a strange nerd or particularly vindictive troll. Sadly, our world will never be the same again, as the internet has created a very cynical, po-faced world where everything has to be taken extremely seriously, or mocked into oblivion.

Duck Tales was a classic childhood cartoon, based on the Uncle Scrooge comics, featuring a duck version of Uncle Scrooge and his three nephews, Huey, Duey & Louie. The stories were light hearted and revolved around all manner of adventures, and even involved various literary and historical icons such as Sherlock Holmes, Jack The Ripper, James Bond and William Shakespeare. One of the most prevalent images I remember from watching the show in my youth was that of Scrooge’s underground vault, cavernous in depth and host to an immeasurable amount of gold. Quite often Scrooge, or his three nephews would go diving in these massive mountains of gold, making it look so effortless as they swam through their limitless wealth.

Well apparently, as much fun as all of that is, it just isn’t very realistic and Youtube user Animation Domination High-Def is adamant to prove just how unrealistic it all is. What we’re met with is alarmingly crude animation, showcasing what ducks are really like and why they are creatures that wouldn’t partake in a cute and moralistic cartoon.

Honestly, it’s a little disturbing, but I find myself laughing hard at the things it decides to point out, and the fact that it enhances its sense of macabre by putting it to the original Duck Tales theme tune. An amusing watch if you aren’t too precious about your childhood television shows. Check it out below.

What do you guys think? Were you fans of Duck Tales? Is this video informative? Did it scar you for life? Do you wish modern day animated shows were made with half the care that older shows were made with? Sound off in the comments!

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