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Sesame Street Is Back! Cookie Monster tries to teach kids about self control

Sesame Street

You all know how it is. It’s late. You’ve been asleep, but woken up in the middle of the night. You consider going back to bed, but you also feel a little hungry. You weigh up your options. You remember that there’s an assortment of awesome cookies downstairs. You know you shouldn’t, but you indulge yourself anyway. This is a burden that beloved Seasame Street character Cookie Monster understands and shares, more than most.

For those of you who aren’t aware Sesame Street is returning to screens for an all new season, its 44th in total! It will feature a number of modern and fresh guest stars including the always incredible Peter Dinklage, and will cover a whole new curriculum of positive broadcasting for children.

To celebrate its return, the creators of Sesame Street have been busy conjuring up a variety of entertaining and whimsical digital content to both alert and attract audiences to this new, and improved breed of the beloved children’s programme.

One of these videos, features the treasured Cookie Monster struggling with self control, and teaching us all, via the medium of music how worthwhile self control can be. This is done by creating a parody of the hit song from Icona Pop called “I Love It“. This new rendition, titled “Me Want It (But Me Can Wait)” takes the biscuit (sorry) for the best Sesame Street parody music video of the day.

Overall, it’s a well constructed video that is both humorous and good fun to listen to. Everyone loves to see Cookie Monster and of course you an “insert joke here about a death metal cover”. The best part of the video though comes at the end, where even after all the wise words, the Cookie Monster still gives in to his instinct and another cookie is lost in the war on treats. Such a pity.

What do you guys think? Are you excited about new Sesame Street? Do you enjoy this parody? Are you a Cookie Monster too? Sound off in the comments!

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