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Warning: Slightly NSFW/Disturbing Images For Sonic Fans Contained Within

Sonic - What

Generally speaking, I like to consider myself to be a relatively intelligent man with a pretty mature, albeit dark sense of humour. I generally tend to like my comedy intelligent, dry and witty, which being British, shouldn’t surprise a lot of you. Apparently I over-estimate myself.

Yesterday I stumbled across this video of a Mod that someone made for the Sonic Generations game. Now, Sonic isn’t exactly a franchise renowned for its bastion of integrity in 2013, but I’m pretty sure when the game developers were creating the latest in a long line of similar games, they weren’t anticipating somebody re-skinning Sonic so that he looks like a giant penis.

No folks, this isn’t just Sonic in an oversized ridiculous penis costume, that would just be funny. Puerile, stupid, nonsensical, but funny. This is something far more horrifying, but also morbidly satisfying. Sonic The Hedgehog has been replaced by a giant penis and balls, just running along the track, slapping enemies, grabbing rings and dodging lasers. It’s a really bizarre sight to behold if I’m honest because you’re just left there thinking “really?! Who the hell made this?! And more importantly -why the hell did someone make this?!” while you watch a massive cock hop around a linear level at 500 miles per hour.

Despite the lunacy of this, perhaps it’s a very clever metaphor about the Sonic franchise and how far it has fallen. Or, it could be that some people on the internet are just really, really weird. Yeah, it’s probably the latter. Although, try not to grimace when you see the aforementioned cock and balls grind a rail and hear that metallic scraping sound. Oh, and make sure to stay for the hilariously inappropriate penis breakdance at the end. Yeah, it’s one of those days. Then again, we do live in a world where people make mods that allow you to eat your children on The Sims. Delightful.

What do you guys think? Has the world just gone too far?! Has it all gone wrong? What are some of the weirdest game modifications you’ve ever seen? Sound off in the comments!

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