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Star Trek: Into Darkness – How Much Nudity Is Too Much Nudity?

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Star Trek: Into Darkness is finally upon us and the reactions so far have been mostly positive, although some long term fans are a little upset. There are various reasons why people aren’t entirely satisfied with the film, most of them devout Trek fans who are dissatisfied with deviations from the source material and a lacklustre third act (it was written by Damon Lindelof, what do you expect?).

However, one small, throwaway scene has been attracting a lot of negative attention and that’s a scene with Alice Eve who strips down to her underwear for seemingly no reason other than to provide eye candy for the teenage boys in the audience. JJ Abrams was on Conan’s show to talk about the movie and he defended that scene. He admitted that he realized why some people might find it exploitative and that he felt like he didn’t really edit it correctly, but argued that he wanted to show the other side of Kirk’s character, that even though they were in the middle of intense peril and danger, he was still a womanizer and a bit of a scoundrel.

As a way to try and offset some of the heat; Abrams revealed a short snippet of a deleted scene where a naked Benedict Cumberbatch takes a “shower of evil”. Judging from the clip I’m pretty glad they cut it, it seems like another ridiculous scene where they just pan around the villain with foreboding sounding “THIS IS THE VILLAIN” music. Once was enough, man.

Anyway, does that make it better though? I can certainly understand Abrams’ intent, but it should have been integrated better, it feels really out of place and I don’t think it was even made clear WHY she decided to randomly get changed. It’s also a little bit rapey when he refuses to look away.

What do you guys think? Is that scene acceptable? Is it just exploitative? How many nude scenes were cut from the film, and is Star Trek Into Darkness just a cover up for a softcore porn movie? Sound off in the comments!

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