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Sing Along To The Elements With The Periodic Table Song

Periodic Table Song

Back when I was in school science classes, one of the hardest parts to get to grips with at first is the periodic table. It’s extensive, but not only that, almost all of the elements have rather long and complex names that can become very confusing for the young child. Fear no more friends as AsapScience have you covered!

AsapScience are a Youtube channel that are dedicated to fun and simplistic scientific explanations of such phenomena as “why do we cry?” and the question on everyone’s mind “Childbirth vs Getting kicked in the balls”. They deliver the solution to these in a neutral and relatively pleasant (for an American) voice accompanied with crude, but effective childlike diagrams. It’s the balance of these disparate features that makes these videos so engaging.

Their New Periodic Table Song is of particular note due to the fact that they managed to deliver all of the elements in order, which many others who have attempted such a feat have failed to do. While it cheats a little at the end, overall it’s a pretty catchy and most importantly, fun song. Also, if you didn’t know, the diagrams for each corresponding element may be able to actually teach you something! Who said silly songs can’t be educational? Check it out below:

I almost wish they had this as an alternative in school, it would have certainly made things more interesting, and probably been useful come exam time… Then again, I would have probably just heard the music in my head and flapped my arms like an idiot, thus getting myself kicked out of the exam and failed. Thanks Asap Science. Thanks a lot.

What do you guys think? Is this a good song for the periodic table? Could you do better? Are there any inconsistencies you’d like to report? Sound off in the comments!

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