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Check out a video put together of all the Simpsons Movie References

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is the longest running animated television show of all time. It’s insane just how long the show has continued to run for, especially seeing as many will argue that it’s unfortunately lost its way (read: charm) and is merely a shadow of its former self. This seems to have been confirmed by the fact that soon we will be hit over the head by a Family Guy crossover episode, made entirely earnestly where the two families connect and help each other overcome their problems. That’s all well and good, I suppose, but it’s pandering of the lowest order when you consider that Family Guy was originally meant to be a parody and an alternative to The Simpsons.

A lot of television series thrive on pop culture and movie references. This won’t be news to most of you, as most of you have been picking out references to your favourite movie in various animated television shows for some time now.

Well, someone has been dedicated (and somewhat sad) enough to analyze the first six seasons of The Simpsons at great length and put together all of the different references to movies, while also identifying their source. It’s a comprehensive video, and there will be many that you’ll recognize on your own, but some of them may be news to you.

I’ve always enjoyed it when people do this, one of the best examples is actually on the DVD of Spaced (the show that the unholy Trinity of nerd comedy, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost got started with), where you can turn on the “homage-o-meter” that handily points out the multiple references to various geek properties that are littered throughout.

Watching The Simpsons clip you can see that some references are more obscure than others, whereas some are so damn obvious you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who couldn’t recognize it, even if they hadn’t seen the film in question. Check it out below.

What do you guys think? Do you like recognizing references? After watching the video what do you think some of the smarter instances are? Ones that make you cringe? Do you still like The Simpsons? Sound off in the comments!

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