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Anyone feel like getting punched by Superman? Volunteers accepted for totally safe testing!

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As I’m sure most of you are aware, we tend to write about comic book movies a fair amount around these parts, especially with the debut of my new column, dedicated to keeping you guys up to date with all the latest developments in the world of comic book movie adaptations. This week is the biggest event of the year for us nerds. That’s right, it’s San Diego Comic Con, so expect next week’s instalment to be bursting with tons of new developments.

Considering that I’ve been on a little bit of a comic book kick recently (somewhat more than usual) I found it particularly interesting to stumble upon this little Youtube gem. Vsauce3 posits the question: “What If Superman Punched You?” and then goes into a great length of detail explaining what indeed (hypothetically) would happen. The Man Of Steel has recently been thrust back into the limelight with the most recent film, even if it didn’t gross over a billion dollars. Man Of Steel featured destruction on an extremely large scale so it’s interesting to hear someone scientifically dissect exactly how much damage a punch from Superman would cause if he wasn’t holding back.

I do actually think that this video inadvertently highlights the reason why it’s hard to take Superman seriously as a character. Over the years his character is one that has become carte blanche for weaker writers to do whatever the hell they want with; as such it has diluted his character and made him wildly inconsistent in terms of the abilities that he has available to him. Man Of Steel featured a younger, more emotionally volatile version of the beloved hero, meaning that he most certainly wasn’t holding back, especially in his confrontations with Zod, and yet we never saw power on this scale of magnitude in the film.


On the subject of this video, Vsauce3 has made a very entertaining and informative video that has been well put together and designed to not be too overbearing for those who are not science nerds. Personally, there’s a decent amount of the more complex science that goes over my head, and when you start reeling off numbers that large my brain has a knack of just switching off, and yet they’ve managed to create a pretty enthralling little watch that gets the imagination racing.

What do you guys think? Any science geeks out there that think this is inaccurate? Anyone craving to see a Superman movie showcase this level of power? Sound off in the comments!

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