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Rude place names! Get your rude place names here!

Rude place names

Any readers from Wankie, Zimbabwe? Anyone been to Poo, in Spain? How about Crotch Lake in Ontario, Canada?

This is possibly the most childish thing I’ve seen all week, and it absolutely fucking glorious; a map of the world with a plethora of rude place names pinned.

I’ve highlighted one of my own claims to fame above; the hilariously out of character ‘Minge Lane’, which is famous in one of the towns near where I grew up in Worcestershire, UK (I say out of character because it’s a fairly conservative country town with an almost 100% white population and links to fox hunting, which is a sport for posh people who don’t go around using words like ‘minge’). I may be a little biased in saying this, but I do think the UK has some of the most creative of these; lots of fannys and knobs flying around like an orgy in a 19th century British brothel.

I also used to live in Cockfosters in London during my university days, which is at the northern end of the Piccadilly line on the London Underground. Every time I would get on said line to go back home, it wouldn’t fail to elicit a chuckle.

There are some fantastic entries on the fully interactive map, which can be found here, including Cumbum in the Hyderabad region of India, Meat Cove in Nova Scotia, and a pair of Tits in Algeria. You couldn’t make that shit up, you really couldn’t…

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