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Facebook Troll King

This man is a legend. In what is a rather innocuous prank in theory, it soon reveals itself to be a work of understated genius. This man (name blanked out) decided that he would traverse the digital realm of Facebook and find people with the same name as him. He would then look at their profile picture and go through the painstaking process of mimicking their picture for his own profile before adding them on Facebook, just to get a reaction. While we can only imagine the confusion and surprise that each hapless victim may have sustained, it’s still pretty hilarious to see the results. What makes it better is how each image gets progressively more creepy the further you scroll down the page.

The fact that someone had the dedication to commit to this and most likely spend money on it is bizarre and somewhat heart warming – in a really strange way. Perhaps he had too much time on his hands, but this is a truly clever way to have some fun and put smiles on a whole bunch of stranger’s faces.

Check out all the images here.

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