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The World's End Poster

It’s surprising how few people are aware of this film’s existence. It’s  remarkable how a film that has been unwittingly anticipated for six years by almost everyone is currently so far under the radar. Even though information is currently sparse, The World’s End promises to be one of the year’s best films.

This October, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s “Blood and Ice Cream” or “Three Flavours Cornetto” trilogy of genre parodies will be coming to an official close with the appropriately titled, The World’s End. The trilogy began with the celebrated Shaun Of The Dead, an innovative and hilarious rom-zom-com or romantic zombie comedy for those afraid of abbreviations. It was this offbeat horror comedy that defined the much maligned genre and since then many people have tried to imitate the success of that film, most failing miserably.

It was the combined success of Shaun Of The Dead and its spiritual action comedy sequel, Hot Fuzz that saw the careers of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg launch into the stratosphere. Poor Nick Frost was left behind holding the bag, only appearing scantly in a few British independent films. He did get a shot at reuniting with his best friend on the big screen for Paul, a sadly flawed and misguided attempt at recapturing the magic that made their careers.

If anything, despite its charm, Paul demonstrated that the duo worked far better as a trio with the great Edgar Wright. Wright went on to make Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, a very faithful and strong adaptation, full of nerdish delight. Now, he’s finally won the chance to make his version of Antman for Marvel, which he’s been pestering the studios about for years. We won’t see Antman until the latter half of 2015 though, so that allows him to cram in The World’s End.

In truth, it has been a struggle for the three of them to align their schedules, as they’ve had their trilogy ending idea for quite some time now. It’s exciting to discover that despite the surprising low profile of the product, the final result is almost within reach. The film’s production has been tightly controlled, and kept under the radar. So far only a basic plot synopsis and two unassuming images have been released, in a production this anticipated it’s definitely a positive sign that they’re keeping information leaks at a premium. However, because material is now starting to surface we should expect a lot of new information over the coming months.

The World’s End tells the story of five friends in their mid-forties, struggling with life and responsibility, deciding to reunite and attempt to repeat and top an epic pub crawl adventure that they carried out when they were in their twenties; culminating at the fabled World’s End pub. However, during their adventure, something catastrophic occurs and the world really does start ending. While we know this film will be a parody of the science fiction genre, little is known whether we will be meeting our end via alien invasion, meteor strike or some form of natural disaster. Perhaps a combination of all three?

What makes these even more exciting is that you couldn’t ask for a better cast. The five friends are played by Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan and Martin Freeman. I wrote about the excellent work of Paddy Considine and Eddie Marsan recently when they collaborated on the masterful Tyrannosaur. Martin Freeman with his new found Baggins’ star power (The Hobbit – in case you live under a rock) is also a fantastic addition to the cast – his acerbic dry wit will bring the funny and augment the burgeoning character dynamics. Honestly, with five great British character actors assembled it’s going to be difficult to imagine how this couldn’t possibly be hilarious. It certainly bodes well for the prospects of this film.

The World's End Characters

However, as made clear by the image above this is still the Simon Pegg show, and he looks refreshingly different. Pegg is often typecast as schlubby everymen or nervous geek characters, except of course in his impressive performance in Hot Fuzz. Here, he looks set to fit the description of his character, as a man in his forties who is still clinging to his teenage years, completely oblivious to the responsibilities of life and the fact that he just isn’t as cool as he wishes he was.

It’s a recurring theme in this trilogy that the central characters undergo through a large amount of personal growth by the climax. Through their struggles they obtain a better understanding of things and where they fit into everything, as well as being able to accept responsibility for their actins.  Looking over Pegg’s washout character it’s very apparent that he has a lot of personal growth to achieve.

The World’s End is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films of 2013, for everyone – unless of course you don’t have a funnybone. Expect laughs, blood, more laughs, drinking, intelligence and oh, did I mention blood?

The World’s End will be released on the 25th October 2013. Here’s hoping for a trailer soon.

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