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8-Bit Cinema Deliver A Retrofied Good Time!

8-Bit Cinema - Iron Man

At The Monolith we’re a huge bunch of geeks/nerds/dorks; whatever word you choose to use for it – we’re that. We love music, we love movies and we love comic books; that’s why a lot of the film posts you’ll see on the site are to do with comic book. A while ago, we had a Calm Before The Storm that focused on an 8-bit retrofied Great Gatsby game, though this was geared towards helping send great literature to kids in Africa.

I suppose that’s a kind of unfair way to start this post, as that’s a very noble cause and this by no means aspires to the same heights. Instead, YouTube channel Cinefix have added a new recurring feature called 8-bit Cinema to their already expansive repertoire. This feature is focused on creating 8-bit retro renditions of some of our favourite movies. It’s a relatively new endeavour, as they only have the one video at the moment, but they decided to start strong by creating an 8-bit version of Marvel‘s Iron Man.

These iterations of the movies are condensed into minute long videos that showcase several of the most prominent conflicts found within the movie in an 8-bit videogame style. Obviously, a film like Iron Man is ripe for an adaptation such as this and the guys involved pull it off perfectly.

Choosing to depict the moments of conflict also lends itself well to the format. It really does look like a classic 8-bit game that you would play on an older game system. In fact, it makes me want to play. 8-bit cinema are clearly onto a lucrative concept that, while the animation process can be very time consuming; they have a ton of potential and opportunity to expand this concept in a number of ways.

What do you guys think? Does 8-bit cinema’s concept have a lot of potential? What films would you like to see them adapt next? If this game were real, would you play it? Sound off in the comments!

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