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How Is Batman Supposed To Fight Crime When He’s Being Harassed By Fans?

Batman Instagram

Batman’s flair for street artistry originally showcased in The Dark Knight Rises

Poor Batman. Fighting crime is extremely difficult as it is, but how do you possibly handle all the fan attention as well? Christopher Nolan‘s most recent Dark Knight trilogy handily skipped all the pesky things like fan interaction and social media apps that allow you to instantly upload photos like Instagram…but how? When you consider that Spiderman is predicated on taking a lot of photos of the hero, how does Batman get away scot free? Sure, he’s out at night and it’s harder to take photos, and mobile phones are temperamental sometimes, but why aren’t there any Bigfoot-esque blurry pictures of him on the news? Are we supposed to believe that no one in Gotham City ever thinks to use a camera to capture something cool? Come to think of it, I want my money back Nolan! Anyway, here’s a cool little video about Batman trying to fight some criminals while getting harassed by fans. It’s a hard life for a superhero. Sure, the fight scenes in this video aren’t 100% convincing or particularly great, but the core concept is entertaining and funny. Check it out!

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