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Acerbic comedian Doug Stanhope Vs Everyone

Doug Stanhope

It’s somewhat ironic that today’s “Calm Before The Storm” involves a rather scandalous American comedian bitching out New Yorkers about Hurricane Sandy – it’s more like the calm after the storm in this case.

Doug Stanhope is a notorious alcoholic comedian who seems soley focused on spitting venom everywhere and anywhere – and at anyone – in the political and social sphere. It’s not hard to find yourself a target of the venomous ire of the ranting funnyman – you pretty much only have to exist – which is probably why I find him so endearing.

This segment comes from a small part of an ongoing television series written and presented by resident British viper Charlie Brooker called Screenwipe, that criticizes the way television and the news is made and how it is slowly brainwashing us all. It’s a pretty great show and you can watch every episode in its entirety on YouTube. Here are a couple of Doug Stanhope’s segments, but hopefully it’ll encourage you to check out the full show.

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