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Django Unchained Ain’t Perfect : There’s More Sins Than Saying The “N-Word” – A Ton!

Django Unchained Django Candie

Django Unchained was quite a hit last year. Nominated for Best Picture, as well as a host of other Oscars, the Quentin Tarantino slavery western epic received a lot of attention, both good and bad during its cinematic run. It starred Jamie Foxx as the titular freed slave who joins German bounty hunter Christoph Waltz to kill white guys for money. An extremely violent and racist film, it achieved a lot of controversy from more conservative folk, as Tarantino films are wont to do. What those yelling dunderheads didn’t realize is there are plenty of real reasons to attack Django Unchained, namely its crimes against moviemaking. And no, we don’t mean by repeatedly saying the word “nigger”.

I’m sure the guys that made this video are fully desensitized to any form of casual racism or bloodletting after analysing this film in depth.

What do you guys think? Should we forgive Django Unchained? Sound off in the comments!

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