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The horrible The Last Airbender gets the Honest Trailers treatment

Honest Trailers The Last Airbender

We’re pretty avid followers of the likes of YouTube movie channels How It Should Have Ended, Everything Wrong With and Honest Trailers – their satirical method of taking apart contemporary movies (particularly terrible ones) is always insightful and fairly funny – but we actually got an e-mail about this new episode of the latter from a marketing person, so perhaps we’re being noticed for our film coverage?

Anyway, the latest Honest Trailer covers The Last Airbender; the film about a being who can control the four classic elements from beloved animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, which couldn’t be called Avatar because of James Cameron, and maybe which should have been reason enough to not make it.

If that makes sense? Basically, movie made by the much reviled M. Night Shyamalan, really bad, don’t bother with it – and here are Honest Trailers to tell you why:

I’m sure those of you much better versed in the animation than me can tell me how much this sucks for nerdy reasons, but for me it was the wooden acting. Kids are terrible people, and generally even worse actors, so you’ve really got to get your casting right before you even start. Dakota Blue Richards wasn’t bad in The Golden Compass, the big-screen adaptation of The Northern Lights, the first book from Phillip Pullman’s excellent His Dark Materials trilogy, but the movie overall wasn’t great, so they never went any further (unfortunately – I loved The Subtle Knife), but you’ve not got to look far for some pretty terrible serious acting from children.

Anyway, I digress slightly. What do you guys reckon, was this as bad as Honest Trailers makes it out to be?

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