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Comic Book Wrestling

What? You were expecting something lovey-dovey? Bah! In the celebration of people who probably have too much time on their hands everywhere, this guy takes the cake. Over time he has become a master of WWE 12, well sort of. See, I have no idea if he’s actually mastered the wrestling side of the game, you know, the part that matters, BUT he has perfected the Create-A-Fighter mode – having chosen to spend undoubtedly too much time creating a litany of beloved comic book characters and making their poorly rendered models fight in a series of amusing match ups. While he may have spent far too much time, it’s undeniably fun to watch. If you ever wanted to see Venom and Carnage vs The Joker or Superman punch out Thor. Here’s your chance. This video has existed for a year now and has nearly 7 million views! I’m glad I stumbled upon it. Comic book wrestling at its finest!

Right, now go back to your obnoxiously happy/miserable self-loathing day.

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