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South London grime MC Big Narstie talks to Vice about Game Of Thrones

Big Narstie

If you’re not familiar with Big Narstie, he’s a grime MC from Brixton in London. As a genre, grime has been around for around the last decade, crashing the south London party, mixing UK garage, hip-hop and drum & bass.

I don’t profess to be anything near an expert, but it seems the Big Narstie has been around for most of that time, both alone and as a member of collective N.A.A. (any aficionados feel free to correct me if I bear false witness).

The reason he’s being brough up at all on a metal/film website is that he recently spoke to Vice Magazine in Britain – or, to be more specific, their online musical arm Noisey – and gave his thoughts on staff favourite Game Of Thrones, the medieval fantasy series that is currently airing its third season on HBO. Grime and medieval fantasy are perhaps not two spheres of interest you might expect to cross very often, so his take on the show is pretty unique.

Some of the references he uses – including Eastenders and Jeremy Kyle – are pretty British, but the concepts are universal. Some choice cuts include:

On Joffrey Baratheon:

[quote-symbol symbol1]the hate that I got for Joffrey Baratheon has made me take this thing deep. Like, Joffrey is a full-on-cunt. I do understand the vulgarity of that word but he is an evil little cunt. This what’s so fucked though, yeah, Jamie Lannister and Joffrey’s mum, Cersei, they’re brother and sister, like, same mum and dad. That’s a fucking Joey and Lauren EastEnders style incest happening. They’re smashing it, having private Muay Thai classes in the castle of Winterfell

(I’d call Joffrey a cunt, but he has neither the depth nor warmth)

On Eastenders hard man Phil Mitchell vs. Sandor Clegane, ‘The Hound’:

[quote-symbol symbol1]Are you mad? The Hound would fuck him up bruv, I’m not even gonna lie. Come on man, Phil’s only good with a baseball bat.

And on Houses:

[quote-symbol symbol1]If I had my own house, it would be the house of #BASE and the motto would be Don’t Fuck Up The Base, obviously.

I’m not sure if his horror at Dany’s ‘first time’ is hilarious or touching, but it’s genuine and honest, and the whole piece is a great read. He really hates Joffrey, too, which I think we can all identify with. The guy’s vernacular is pretty funny, especially if you’re not used to it, so hopefully you guys enjoy this one.

Big Narstie has done a few other features with Vice – all linked in the article – so make sure to check them out. He’s on Facebook here, and is currently promoting his new album Don’t Fuck Up the Base, due out in June.

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