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Mewtwo birthday

We’re going for a quick one today due to illness striking down the web monkeys, but we couldn’t let today pass without mention of something that was a huge part of many a nerd’s childhood. When the Pokémon franchise launched in the late nineties, it revolutionised a generation by bringing Japanese culture to Western audiences with a massively successful franchise of cartoons, video games, collectible cards and merchandise based around the battling monsters.

The pinnacle was the game series for me. Great gameplay was the key, but the story was intriguing enough for pre-teen kids everywhere to get really stuck in on their own adventures, and one of the biggest of the Red and Blue version was the elusive Mew, and its clone/offspring Mewtwo. In a journal of research notes foundin the ruined Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, the keen-eyed/memoried of you will recall that Mewtwo was born on February 6th. With the games originally released in 1995, that makes Mewtwo 18 today! I’m sure we’ll see it down the pub, downing the burn heal like nobody’s business.

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