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Celebrate the most excessive villain deaths in cinema!


One of the most important (but often overlooked) elements of any story is the role of the villain. The villain is the catalyst for the plot and so must be compelling enough to drive it, not only that, but more often than not the likeability of the protagonist is fuelled by just how good/bad the villain is. The villain is what makes our protagonist interesting, what makes them stand out from the day to day banality of life. The presence of the villain prompts our hero to break the shackles of normality and do something extraordinary to save the day (relatively speaking).

As such, growing up on a diet of Disney movies, classic action cinema, comic books and video games, I developed a strong appreciation for the villain of any story, To my mind, the villain is the most important thing to get right, and if a narrative has a charismatic and magnetic villain, I can often overlook other less than stellar components of the final product (I’m looking at you Avatar).

So, this morning when i stumble across a new video from Mojo chronicling the ten most excessive villain deaths, i got pretty excited. See, I came to the unfortunate realization when I was a child that as awesome as villains are, they’re never meant to win. Once this heart breaking revelation sunk in, a villain’s send off became a very important rite of passage. Nothing is more frustrating than having an incredible villain go out like a chump (one of the worst things about the already considerably bad conclusion to The Dark Knight trilogy was the casual disposal of Bane – errr spoiler?).

Overall the list is good, and pretty Arnie heavy (which is always a good thing). For my money though, the thing that makes the Commando death so ridiculous is less to do with the fact that he impales him with a steam pipe and more to do with the fact that smoke starts pouring out of it AFTER Bennet has been impaled on it. From where I hear you ask? No idea. Glorious. Check it out below.

What do you guys think? Did they miss one of your favourites? What’s the most important thing about any villain death? Sound off in the comments!

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